The Good Behaviour Game

Two of our Alliance schools (Oak Hill & Worsbrough Common) are participating in a long term Research and Development project exploring the impact of The Good Behaviour Game. Last week teachers from both schools attended the initial training for the project. Here are their reflections on the two days.

I attended a course for the ‘Good Behaviour Game’ (GBG) intervention to help teachers manage behaviour in their classrooms.  This is a research project that a number of Year 3 Teachers have been asked to become involved with.  The core elements of the GBG are

  • Classroom Rules
  • Team Membership
  • Monitoring of Behaviour
  • Positive Reinforcement

The GBG has specific rules and language to follow and is a brilliant tool to use in the classroom, especially to keep children on task and help to combat low level behaviour.   It has been shown to increase attainment in many areas of the curriculum when used consistently.  I am really excited to be part of the project and am looking forward to implementing this in my classroom. A copy of the ‘Good Behaviour Game’ presentation is available to look at in Teacher Shared/Behaviour Management.

Jennie Wellings, Teacher, Worsbrough Common Primary School.

Staff at Oakhill Primary Academy recently joined a research team learning how to play the “Good Behaviour Game” along with groups of staff from schools around Yorkshire. Thanks to the TSA for sponsoring this! It was great to see that there is so much more to the behaviour game than the time the children will spend playing it. We can already see that the rubric provided has the potential to provide whole school development and training for both new and experienced staff.
It’s great to have the opportunity to explore new ways of implementing good practice alongside colleagues from other schools. Can’t wait to see the Good Behaviour Game in action!

Teena Thompson, Headteacher, Oak Hill Primary Academy


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